Lake Winola 
United Methodist Church

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The picture to the right is Carl Frear placing the cross on the church's steeple in 1979

In the early part of the 19th century itinerant preachers began to visit areas of Lake Winola, Mill City and Falls. Meetings were held in groves, schoolhouses, barns, and homes. 

The first Methodist class at Lake Winola, organized by Rev. David Shephard on April 2, 1854, met in a schoolhouse on the site where the church would soon be. In August 1870, a charter was obtained and the society built a church. It was dedicated in September 1871 by Rev. Rueben Nelson. 

Preaching services at Mill City began before 1850 with one class led by Michael Walter in 1848. The church was incorporated in 1870. Building began in 1872. The Church was dedicated on January 1, 1872 during the pastorate of A. J. Arnold. About 20 years later the parsonage was brought in Mill City opposite the Church. Pastors of the Newton Charge held extra meetings at Falls. One year later, a society built a church. 

All three societies were a part of the Newton Circuit, Wyoming District until the division of that charge in April 1888. G. M Camberline was appointed pastor of this newly created Falls Charge. In 1891, the Falls charge was placed in the Binghamton District until 1910 when it became part of the Wilkes-Barre District. 

Because of the great growth of the three churches, talk of a merging into on large facility began in the late 1960's. Both Mill City and Winola agreed to unite. Ground breaking for the new church was held on May 21, 1968 on land donated by Harry S. and Mae Young. A charter for the United Methodist Church of Lake Winola was granted May 22, 1968. The new building, consisting of the education wing and fellowship hall was consecrated August 9, 1970 by Bishop J. Gordon Howard. In 1974 a new parsonage was built and paid for by the church membership on a corner of the church lot. 

On October 15, 1978 ground breaking for the sanctuary took place. The completed building was consecrated September 16, 1979 by Bishop James M. Ault. In September 1995, and addition was added for a clothing room and food pantry. 

Buildings of course are not the churches; people are. We praise God for the many dedicated parishioners who have sought and continue to seek the will of God in their lives and in our community through the United Methodist Church of Lake Winola.